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A Beginner's Guide to Muay Thai Gloves

This guide is quite extensive as it gives you the keys to choosing your gloves, regardless of the martial art or combat sport you practice, and explains the benefits of using different types of gloves in your training. Muay Thai Gloves are a type of Boxing Glove; however, they differ from the traditional Boxing Gloves as they are usually more compact. Is there a difference between kickboxing gloves and Muay Thai Gloves? No, the same gloves work for boxing, Muay Thai and kickboxing.

Considering the type of martial art or contact sport that is practiced, there are different gloves for use in competition. Moreover, since in regulated competitions, the models and brands must be approved or directly set by the event organizers, it does not make much sense to talk about choosing competition gloves. So it's vital to ensure you're making informed decisions when purchasing. With a very particular material, buffalo leather, the models notably offer unmatched resistance on the market. So Muay Thai Gloves are incredibly durable, and with daily use and workouts that sometimes last several hours, the gloves are designed to withstand anything. The repetition of impacts and their diversity (we have to withstand the opponent's punches and his kicks, knees, elbows ...) put a strain on the equipment. 

Style and substance.

It may not be essential for "pure" boxing, but it does come into play in the discipline's folklore and traditions. The style of Thai gloves is inimitable, with precision in the design and the different patterns that give the models an identity. 

They are designed for maneuverability.

Muay Thai gloves are also designed for dual-use: to give blows and to be able to receive them and functionality in the clinch. Therefore, they offer precise ergonomics, which allows them to be able to box quite freely, for important maneuverability. They stand out by combining durability, ergonomics, efficient ventilation, and good shock absorption. Here are some things to note before purchase:

  • Size of the glove: The unit of measurement is expressed in Oz. The higher it is, the thicker the padding, and the better the protection. The size chart is generally 8 Oz (226 g) to 16 Oz (453 g). The choice of size depends not only on your morphology but also on the type of session practiced.  
  • The closure system: In the past, all gloves were laced, but now we see more velcro appear. Beginners are advised to opt for these over laces, especially if you have to put them on alone. 
  • Materials: This equipment is generally made of leather or vinyl. Leather is undoubtedly of better quality and is more durable than vinyl because it is very resistant to tears, scratches, impacts and is highly breathable. 

These criteria can undoubtedly enable you to make an informed decision and select the right Muay Thai Gloves for your needs.