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New War Hammer Muay Thai Shorts

The New Bleeding Edge War Hammer Muay Thai Shorts are now available on our website! Get them before they’re gone; sizes are selling out fast!

We are excited to announce the launch of our new Bleeding Edge War Hammer Muay Thai Shorts. The new Muay Thai shorts are made from 100% premium satin. They are durable, comfortable and provide great movement for Muay Thai training and high kicks. Satin is the most common used fabric in higher quality Muay Thai shorts. They are light, comfortable and extremely durable.

The cut of these shorts enables non-restricting movements so your kicks and knee strikes will effortlessly flow without binding up and slowing you down. The medium height waist band keeps shorts right at your hips and below your belly button. Side slits provide unlimited freedom of movement and flexibility. They feature a wide cut in the leg area so those with the thickest or thinnest  thighs can move as efficiently without worry about the leg area restricting mobility.

The dye-sublimation printing process uses heat to transfer dye onto the fabric; the dyes bond with the polyester to create bright, vibrant and well-defined imagery. Staying with the traditional Muay Thai fit, we were able to create a more modern look while keeping the fit true to form.

Our Muay Thai shorts are unisex and follow common U.S. standard clothing sizing so that you can purchase with confidence knowing that the size you purchase will fit true to the sizes that you’re used to. They are perfect for both training and competition.


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