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War Hammer - Muay Thai Gloves

The War Hammer Muay Thai Gloves are designed as a high-level glove; built with quality and durability with a price point that won't break the bank. If you're looking for a glove for sparring or heavy bag work, this glove is built for comfort and solid protection.
We have added additional wrist support that allows for great flexibility while clinching but also gives you extra wrist protection when hitting the heavy bag to protect your wrist from bending back on heavy shots. This also gives you the option to train without the need for wraps.
  1. Made from 100% Premium Cowhide leather
  2. Enhanced wrist support, no wraps necessary
  3. Antibacterial liner; more function less stink
  4. Attached thumb
  5. Velcro strap
  6. Multi-layer compression foam inside to protect knuckles and wrist
  7. Ideal for sparring or heavy bag work

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